Bathing Salt


Did you have a long day or just in need for some relaxation? Fill your tub or foot bath with nice, hot water. Add a hand full your favorite Suziva Bathing Salts and enjoy this 100% natural bath. Not only does this salt with dried flowers spread a lovely odor, it also cleans and heals small cuts and wounds. 250grams 100% natural Handmade in the Netherlands

Naturel Scented Soy Candle


These scented candles are handmade in The Netherlands and 100% natural. The six different scents have their own relaxing effect on our bodies and minds. Light the candle during a calm night at home, enjoy the smell and doze off wonderfully for the rest of the night. The candles are handmade in The Netherlands and 100% natural. This means they don't contain any harmful chemicals such as paraffines. Burning time: 20 - 25 hours each Soywax and essential oils Organic cotton wick No paraffines or other harmful chemicals 100% natural Handmade in The Netherlands

Palo Santo Bundle


Palo Santo. A wonderous treasure of nature. Not only does the Holy Wood spread a lovely, warm scent, it also cleanses your home from negative energies. A treat to start the day or after a long day of worrying.