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Woven bowls

Woven bowls

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These bowls are perfect for displaying fruit or bread, but can also be easily hung on the wall for a unique bohemian look. Or how about a bowl to put your logs in.


the maker

Hassan is our man in Morocco. Together with his team, he takes care of our baskets, ladders and the small ceramics vases. The different studios are located in the Marrakech area where they use local and sustainable materials such as palm leaf and provide a stable source of income for local people.

Each weaver, woodworker and ceramicist adds different touches to the product by applying their own technique. This makes each basket, lamp and ladder a one-of-a-kind piece in itself.


Made entirely of durable palm leafs.


Small: diameter 30cm
Medium: diameter 40cm
Large: diameter 50cm


No special care needed.

important note

Please note that the product you order may differ from the picture. Each product is handmade and therefore unique. All prices are VAT included.

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