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PRE-ORDER - Belgian sheepskin

PRE-ORDER - Belgian sheepskin

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A 100% natural (and responsible) sheepskin from the Kempisch sheep of Kemp vzw. The sheep graze various green and natural spots in the Kempen region (Belgium), in doing so they help to improve biodiversity in the area.

To keep the flock vital and strengthen the desired breed characteristics, a small part of the flock is offered for slaughter each year. In the process, all parts of the sheep are used for various products: mutton, broth and also these sheepskins.

Make sure to take a look at the Molwol pillows. Made from the wool they collect after the annual shearing and manufactured with equal love for (wo)men, animals and nature.

the maker

With passion for craftsmanship, the process, the product and with love for people, animals and the planet, Kemp vzw wants to make the world a little more beautiful and healthy. They connect and build bridges between local parties, businesses, crafts and talents, and in co-creation with Lidwina vzw they make a beautiful product with a strong story. Their inspiration is the landscape of the Belgian 'Kempen' and its heritage. Crafts are rediscovered and the local economy is stimulated.


100% Kempisch scheep. A typical breed of the region.


about 100cm x 80cm


Regular combing will help ensure that the sheep skin keeps a nice, soft appearance. Do this for example with a wool comb.

Small dirt can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, try not to get the leather wet.

If necessary, air the skin outside.
If necessary you can vacuum the skin.

We recommend that you do not wash the skin in the washing machine. When the leather side of the skin gets wet, it dries hard. But if it is necessary to wash, it is best to follow the following instructions:


- Dry cleaning only with foam for wool cleaning
- Hand wash only in cold water, with a little mild and liquid detergent if necessary
- Shake to remove excess water


- Do not tumble dry!
- Stretch the skin while drying, this will make the leather more supple
- Do not dry in sunlight or other direct heat

important note

Please note that the product you order may differ from the picture. Each product is handmade and therefore unique. All prices are VAT included.

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