Palo Santo Bundle


Palo Santo. A wonderous treasure of nature. Not only does the Holy Wood spread a lovely, warm scent, it also cleanses your home from negative energies. A treat to start the day or after a long day of worrying.



Light one end of the stick while holding it at a 45 degree angle, let it burn for about 30 to 40 seconds and blow out the flame again. The cabbage glows for a while and spreads its sweet, warm scent. Put him on a plate and nature does the rest. 


specific benefits:

Spiritual and energetic cleansing: the indigenous people of the Andes used this wood during their rituals. They believed the burning wood would remove negative energies en restore the calmity.

Physical healing: when using a Palo Santo stick for tea (by putting it in a cup of hot water), it can heal you from a variety of ailments such as flu, colds, stress, headaches and anxiety.

Deeper connection with yourself: the sweet, warm scent of the wood is perfect during meditation. De calming effect combines perfectly with the deeper connection you try to become while meditating.



Our Palo Santo is 100% fairtrade and mined in the woods and plantations in South America. Only spruce is collected and thereafter dried for 4 to 10 years. The owners of the plantation keep a close eye on the sustainability of the process and the appliance of the fairtrade conditions.



Bundle of five sticks
approximately 10cm long and 1cm thick
mined in South America



For more pictures, information and history, you'll find an article on Palo Santo on our journal.