Beldi Baskets


These rustic baskets are ethically woven in Morocco from the finest palm leaves. The four different sizes makes them perfect for storing all kinds of things like pillows, toys, blankets, wood or even the laundry. Handmade in Morocco Mini: 12cm x 18cm x 16cm Small: 19cm x 24cm x 20cm Medium: 30cm x 45cm x 45cm Large: 35cm x 60cm x 60cm Completely made of palm leaf Available in four sizes

Cactus Opuntia


Large poster with the illustration of a Cactus Jamaicensis. The cactus is a reproduction of an illustration designed and painted bij the Portugese Atelier Arminho. The poster is printed on canvas and supported by wooden slats. Printed on 330gr cotton canvas Attached to slats with golden pins 41cm x 61cm Printed with high quality ink

Double Basket


An ethical double basket perfect for plants, storage or both. They are handwoven with quality palm leaves by experienced, Moroccan weavers and give your interior a subtle bohemian look. Handmade in Morocco 23cm x 58cm x 28cm Completely made of palm leaf

Hanging Baskets


The Beldi hanging baskets are available in two sizes and handcrafted by skilled artisans. The use of quality palm leaves and a twisted cord, give these basket a natural, rustic look. Perfect for plants, storage or a personal touch in your home. Handmade in Morocco Small: 20cm x 20cm x 20cm Medium: 24cm x 25cm x 25cm Made with palm leaves Available in two sizes



A handwoven mirror with a nonchalant look. The skilled Moroccan artisans used quality Essaouira rope for the front and back. This mirror is ethically handmade in Morocco with love. Use it in your bathroom, living room or bedroom. Note that the color of the mirror might first be green due to the use of fresh materials. After some weeks in daylight, they will turn more yellow-brown. Handmade in Morocco Small: diameter 12cm Large: diameter 18cm (note that these measurements are for the mirror only, the diameter of the full design is more or less double sized) Made of essaouira rope Available in two sizes

Naturel Scented Soy Candle


These scented candles are handmade in The Netherlands and 100% natural. The six different scents have their own relaxing effect on our bodies and minds. Light the candle during a calm night at home, enjoy the smell and doze off wonderfully for the rest of the night. The candles are handmade in The Netherlands and 100% natural. This means they don't contain any harmful chemicals such as paraffines. Burning time: 20 - 25 hours each Soywax and essential oils Organic cotton wick No paraffines or other harmful chemicals 100% natural Handmade in The Netherlands