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Haverwerf 1, Mechelen

Haverwerf 1, Mechelen

Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm

Mole wool pillow


A lovely pillow of 100% Belgian wool in a soft, ecological cotton jacket. The Kempische Heidesheep of Kemp vzw are looked after with love. They graze various green and nature spots in the Kempen and thus help to improve the biodiversity in the area. The wool from their annual shearing (because yes, it gets so hot in the summer) the vzw then uses in collaboration with Lidwina vzw as filling for these delicious pillows.

Do you like your pillow a bit thicker or thinner? That's no problem either. With every pillow   you get an extra bag of wool so that you can determine the thickness of your pillow yourself.

the makers

With passion for craft, the process, the product and with love for people, animals and the planet, Kemp vzw wants to make the world a little more beautiful and healthier. They connect and build bridges between local parties, companies, crafts and talents, and in co-creation with Lidwina vzw they make a beautiful product, with a strong story. Their inspiration is the Kempen landscape and its heritage. Crafts are rediscovered and the local economy is stimulated.


Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm
Materials: sheep wool and ecological cotton
Including extra bag of wool
Care: do not wash or tumble dry, simply let it air out.
100% natural
100% Belgian


Please note that the product you order may differ from the photo because each product is handmade and therefore unique. All prices include VAT.