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Haverwerf 1, Mechelen

Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm

Lithograph Horse & Crane


Horse & Crane. That is the name of this lithograph. And 100% of Belgian soil. Illustrated by hand and produced by artist Lieven Hendrickx from Studio ROTS.

the designer

Lieven Hendrickx is a Belgian illustrator, lithographer and artist. With his own studio, Studio ROTS, he not only makes a varied range of lithographs, he also collaborates with various artists and designers worldwide.

the process

Lithography is a printing technique that uses oily ink, a limestone, water and a printing press. It is a time and labor intensive technique that, when applied correctly, can lead to powerful works. All Studio ROTS designs are made in a limited edition. This way you have an exclusive, hand-printed design when you purchase.


Printed on 300gr Archer 88
50cm x 39cm
Lithograph printed with quality ink
Handmade in Belgium


Please note that the product you order may differ from the photo because each product is handmade and therefore unique. All prices include VAT.