Bathing Salt


Did you have a long day or just in need for some relaxation? Fill your tub or foot bath with nice, hot water. Add a hand full your favorite Suziva Bathing Salts and enjoy this 100% natural bath.

Not only does this salt with dried flowers spread a lovely odor, it also cleans and heals small cuts and wounds. By regular use of this healing bathing salt, your bodies gets filled with minerals and toxicants get removed from your skin.


their specific effects:

Tranquility bathing salts provides you with deep relaxation due to the use of Ylang Ylang and Lavender essential oils.

Happy Muscles bathing salt helps refreshing sour and tired muscles. The use of Peppermint essential oils also improves your blood circulation.

Ayurvedic bathing salt improves the body and soul balance with the use of Holy Basil and Sage essential oils. Sage also helps with a spiritual cleanse and is perfectly fitted to refind your connection with earth after a day of thinking and worrying.


the designer:

Suziva Naturals was founded by the sweet Suzi Levi. Suzi has a heart for nature and believes in the power en beauty of simplicity. With her knowledge and interest in hollistic medicin, she decided to create 100% natural bathing salts with essential oils and flowers. She also encourages everyone to take proper care for your body and take a daily break to listen to your body.



approximately 250gram
100% natural
handmade in Haarlem, Nederland



tranquility: himalayan salt, dead sea salt, Ylang Ylang, lavender, hibiscus flowers and calendula flowers

happy muscles: celtic salt, rosemary, peppermint, sweet orange, hibiscus flowers and chamomile

ayurvedic: kala namak salt, celtic salt, holy basil, sage and corn flowers


Keep your bathing salts in a cool, dry place. Please contact your doctor before use while pregnant. All prices are VAT included.