Beldi Baskets


These rustic baskets are ethically woven in Morocco from the finest palm leaves. The four different sizes makes them perfect for storing all kinds of things like pillows, toys, blankets, wood or even the laundry. Handmade in Morocco Mini: 12cm x 18cm x 16cm Small: 19cm x 24cm x 20cm Medium: 30cm x 45cm x 45cm Large: 35cm x 60cm x 60cm Completely made of palm leaf Available in four sizes

Double Basket


An ethical double basket perfect for plants, storage or both. They are handwoven with quality palm leaves by experienced, Moroccan weavers and give your interior a subtle bohemian look. Handmade in Morocco 23cm x 58cm x 28cm Completely made of palm leaf

Hanging Baskets


The Beldi hanging baskets are available in two sizes and handcrafted by skilled artisans. The use of quality palm leaves and a twisted cord, give these basket a natural, rustic look. Perfect for plants, storage or a personal touch in your home. Handmade in Morocco Small: 20cm x 20cm x 20cm Medium: 24cm x 25cm x 25cm Made with palm leaves Available in two sizes

Tin Pencil Case


This handmade, tin case is designed and produced bij the Portugese Atelier Arminho. Although it's meant for storing pencils and other writing and drawing equipment, the possibilities are endless. Let you imagination run wild. The tinnen case in combination with the brass details, make this case a timeless and robust piece of art. Perfect for the city and the country side, your desk and even a pic nic. Handmade in Portugal 12cm - 20cm - 4,5cm Tinnen case Details and accessories in brass Also available as brush case.



This handmade, tin bag is designed and produced by the Portuguese Atelier Arminho. Collect flowers, plants and other delicate nature treasures and take them with you without any damage. On top the Vasculum opens on two sides, this means you won't have to chose between the beautiful big leave or the tiny flowers. The tin case in combination with the brass details and the vegetal court leather makes give this bag a timeless and pure look. Perfect for the city, the countryside and a nature walk. Handmade in Portugal tin bag brass details 100% vegetal court leather

Woven plates


These plates are perfect to present fruit and bread or hang them on your wall for a simple bohemian look. Or what about using them to store your wood for wintertime. Due to their minimal look these plates don't only fit in every interior, you can also use them or decoratie them as you please. Handmade in Morocco Material: palm leaves Small: diameter 30cm Medium: diameter 40cm Large: diameter 50cm