About us

About us:

Studio Ode is a community who, as the name might tell, brings an ode to nature, craftsmanship and the people behind the craft. you won't only be able to take a look at the beautiful product in our webshop, you can also follow all the stories and atmospheres on the journal or visit us during one of our many events, from workshops to cosy gatherings on inspiring locations. All this in collaboration with other local artisans and entrepreneurs.


A note from Nele: 

"All my life I've had a love for creating and inspiring. Always with an eye and respect for our wonderful world and its unbelievable people. The objects, gatherings and stories collected on Studio Ode arose with the intention to tell strong, beautiful stories. That's why I hope you'll enjoy every piece of Studio Ode as much as I do."


Nele Van Rompaey - founder and lover of Studio Ode